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"A solid brick of Titanium has been carefully shaped into the newest indestructible pen to hit the market…its sturdy construction can support the weight of an adult man. For all the times you desperately want to do pull ups hanging from your pen."


“Machined with impressive precision from a block of solid titanium, the LYPEN is an “Indestructible + Minimalist” pen body that accepts a wide range of refills, including all Parker, Fisher, and Pilot refills.”


“I preach an intentional appearance and that same philosophy applies to a man’s tools. Ditch the disposal pens and get something with some style. The guys at have created a great choice”

Cool material

“One of the biggest innovations is actually the screw and barrel combination on the back of the pen. With longer threading in the barrel, the screw can be tightened past flush to reduce the space in the barrel for smaller refills. In other words, no more plastic spacers. Oh yeah, and the pen is strong enough to do pull ups on.”


“I’ve been using it almost every day for several weeks and it’s become my favorite “tactical” pen to date… The first thing that impressed me was the exceptional quality of the machined titanium. A great deal of precision was used to manufacture this pen and it really shows. This pen would look just as good in the board room as it would in the field. Watch out for pen thieves, because this pen will “walk away” if you’re not careful.”

Cool Guy toys

“This swanky yet minimalist pen made from solid titanium is a unique way to be cool and stylish at work."


“There are a LOT of options for high quality, well made pens…. Truth be told, we own a lot of them. Mark Anthony has experience with many of the same pens and goes beyond the norms to create the most exceptional pen we've seen."

Touch of modern

“Mark Anthony’s LYPEN is an industrial wonder. Cut from a solid block of titanium, this indestructible pen is strong enough to hold up just about any amount of resistance or pressure but only weighs in at 1.16 ounces”


“The perfect pen might mean different things to different people, but Mark Anthony’s LYPEN comes close for most…”



“The watchmaker and martial arts instructor has experience with a lathe, so he set out to make his own perfect EDC pen.”


“Designed by a Watchmaker, the LYPEN is a pen made from a single block of titanium that fits all Fisher, Parker, & Pilot refills.”

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