Mark Anthony's 1 on 1 Coaching / Private Training

Mark Anthony's 1 on 1 Martial Arts Training NYC

Bypass The Guesswork. Go Straight To Results.


We tailor scientifically proven workouts using martial arts to get you in the best shape of your life in a fun and personalized atmosphere. We teach you like we are teaching our family.


We offer teachings in:

  • Jun Fan JKD & Contemporary Jeet Kune Do

  • Filipino Martial Arts (Edged and Blunt Weapons)

  • Boxing

  • Panatukan (They call it “Dirty Boxing” because there are no rules

  • Maphilindo Silat (Combinations of Silat systems from Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia)

  • Grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Shoot Wrestling, Judo, etc.)

  • Muay Thai & Kickboxing

  • MMA Training for Professionals, Amateurs, & Hobbyists

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Corrective Exercise & Performance Enhancement for Competitive Athletes

    And much more…


  • You don’t want to waste time and money (happens to so many people)

  • You don’t want to learn the WRONG way (extremely common)

  • You want to learn the right methods the FIRST time around instead of building bad habits

  • You want a personalized program tailored to your individual circumstance

  • You want to learn how to fight and defend yourself and your family

  • You want to learn martial arts efficiently and faster

  • You want to understand the martial arts instead of going through the motion

  • You want martial arts to become a lifestyle and improve physical health

  • You want to develop discipline, build strength, and confidence

  • You want to lose and keep the weight off



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